Solo Performer Song Requests

Lime DJ is a dynamic platform that enables solo performers to interact with their audience, accept song requests, showcase their social media profiles and receive tips.

There’s no need for app downloads; it’s accessible to anyone with a smartphone!

How It Works

It’s incredibly simple: at the venue, your audience scans your QR code, inputs their name and song request, and voila! It pops up on your tablet, phone, or laptop instantly—no need for anyone to download an app.

Moreover, if you’ve got a songlist, just upload it to Lime DJ. Your audience can then browse through it and select songs from your repertoire to make a request.

And here’s the kicker: enable tipping, and your audience can easily tip you using Apple Pay, Google Pay, and more. What’s cool? Their tipped song requests automatically move up the queue based on the tip amount, giving you extra cash while keeping the music flowing seamlessly!

Featured Solo Performer Profile

Trevor Jones is a piano bar solo performer who travels the world entertaining crowds with his high energy shows built completely around audience requests. We caught up with Trevor for a quick chat recently while he was in Brisbane performing at a festival…

Personalize your public pages by incorporating your logo or uploading a custom image tailored to your event. Craft dedicated buttons to seamlessly link to your social media profiles and websites.

Receive and manage your song requests on any internet enabled device

The majority of our solo performers opt for tablets or iPads to manage their song requests. Easily label songs as ‘Playing Now,’ ‘Not Available,’ or swiftly delete requests as needed.

dj tips

Receive immediate tips from your audience, automatically elevating their song requests in the queue while boosting your earnings!

Tip payments made easily using credit/debit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, CashApp etc…

Lime DJ is game changing for solo performers… allowing seamless audience interaction and additional revenue streams