Client Portals for DJ's and entertainment operators

Client portals are a great way of allowing your customers to provide you with more information about their event, which enables you to provide them with the best possible service.

Client portals are convenient as it allows your customer to login and update their information in their own time. 

client portals for djs

Information you might want to ask from your customer for a wedding gig could include; the names of the bride and groom, details of their wedding planner, any color scheme they may have, their MC name, preferred song for the first dance etc..

Sometimes the client may change their mind about some of these details approaching the big day and a portal allows them access to this info to make changes as needed.

You, as the manager of the client portal can see all the information that the client has entered and even download it as a PDF to print off so you are well prepared for gig day.

To create a client portal, first add a booking for your gig in Lime DJ on the BOOKINGS page. Bookings are a great way to keep all you gig details easily accesible.

Once saved, click the blue DETAILS button on your booking then scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the orange CREATE CLIENT PORTAL.

Choose the color scheme you would like to use for your portal (dark or light) and enter an introductory paragraph to welcome your client etc..

Tick the boxes of the items you would like to be added to your client portal, only those ticked will be displayed, click CREATE CLIENT PORTAL at the bottom once you are done.

On the BOOKINGS page, any booking that has a client portal attached to it will have an orange PORTAL button, click this to get the access details for the client.

The client access details will automatically be sent to your registered email address or you can click on the COPY button and paste them into an email yourself.

Your client will visit the login page for client portals and use their email address and access code to login.

They will see your client portal branded with your company logo and will be able to enter the information you have asked for.

Your client will be able to revisit and edit the information at any time up to the event date.

When you visit the client portal from your bookings page, you can view the information entered by the client.

Click DOWNLOAD PDF to save a copy of the booking details and client portal to your computer or Android device.

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