Getting Started with Lime DJ


Lime DJ is really simple to set up and start taking requests. The first step is to create an account or login here. You can signup using your email address and password or using your Facebook account.


The first thing you need to do when you join Lime DJ is to set up your business profile. Select ‘Edit Profile‘ if it is not already selected and enter details about your business.

Upload a logo if you have one and enter links to any of your socials such as Facebook or Instagram. Click ‘Save‘ when you are done.


Click on ‘QR Codes‘ then click on the ‘Download QR Code‘ button to download your QR code. You can then print this out and display it at your venue or use it to create flyers.

STEP 4 (optional)

We can create a QR code flyer for you, simply click on the background you like…

Scroll down and click on ‘Download Flyer‘.

A flyer containing your QR Code will be downloaded as a PDF file. Many of our users print these out and have them laminated, then display them at the venue where they are performing for guests to scan.


To start taking requests… click on the ‘Create Show‘ tab and enter a name for the show and the venue, then click the ‘Create Show‘ button.

You will automatically be taken to your requests page… this is where your requests will appear. You can get to this page anytime by pressing the second button at the bottom of the screen or by clicking on ‘Active Show‘ from the dashboard.

The third button at the bottom of the screen is the ‘Settings‘ page, this is specific for the show you just created. Here you can turn on and off things like photo albums, DJ tipping, displaying your socials, requests, messages, your ads. When you are ready to end the show, click on ‘End Show‘ at the bottom of the page.

Learn more about show settings

The fourth button at the bottom of the screen is the ‘Ad Manager‘ page. Here you could create ads advertising bar specials for the venue you are performing at or use them to create promos for your own business. You can choose whereabouts they are displayed to your audience.


Now, if someone scans your QR code or your QR code flyer, they will be taken to your public song request page. As you can see here, the screen is displaying a bar special ad at the top of the page that we created above.

When a guest clicks on ‘Request a Song‘, they can enter their name and the song they would like to request from you….

Their request is now visible on your public song request page. These can be hidden from public view if you wish, (see additional settings below).

On your ‘Active Show’ requests page you will see the song request that was just made. You have 3 options…

if and when you are playing this request you can press the Green ‘Playing‘ button.

If you do not have the requested song you can press the Blue ‘N/A‘ button and the song will be moved to a ‘Songs Not Available’ list.

If you push the Purple ‘Delete‘ button, the song request will be instantly removed from your requests page and the public songs request page.


Let’s go back to your show settings page and turn on ‘Accept Messages‘, ‘Photo Album‘ and ‘Tip the DJ‘.


Now, your audience will see 2 additional buttons where they can upload photos from your gig to a shareable photo album or they can send you a tip.

To accept tips, ensure you have either a PayPal, CashApp or Venmo account and you have entered the details on the ‘Settings‘ tab on your dashboard.

If we are hosting a song database for you or you are using the demo database in the Free Trial, your audience can click  ‘Browse Song Catalog‘ …

Your audience will be able to browse through your song catalog or search by Artist or Song Name to locate songs.

In settings you can configure it so that your audience may only request from your catalog if you wish. This way you can ensure that you will only receive requests of songs that you actually have.

Earlier on we turned on ‘Accept Messages‘, now the audience can send you an additional message along with their song request.

On your requests page you will see any additional messages that the audience send you. These messages are not visible on the public requests page.

Of course you don’t need a laptop to receive your song requests. You can receive them on your phone too or any other internet enabled device!

Remember to click on ‘End Show‘ on your show settings page when your gig has ended.