What's New

Event Ticketing - October 2023

Create a web page for your event and sell your tickets online. Create a variety of tickets with different prices.
Ticket validation portal and integrated ticket scanner with access account for your door staff.
Customer portal for easy retrieval of tickets.
Secure online transactions with easy withdrawal to your bank account using Stripe.

Upload Show Imagery - October 2023

Now you can upload an image to display at the top of your public requests page.
This will replace your logo and show name to give a more customized appearance to your show.

Reply to your audience - August 2023

Now you can send a reply to the song requester, whether you want to reply to a messqage they attached to the their request or just send them a thank you etc..
Simply click on the ‘reply’ or ‘message’ button and enter your message. They will receive a pop-up on your requests page letting them know you have sent a reply.

Public Song Queue - May 2023

Now you can display your public song queue on a large screen at your venue, this is ideal to let your audience see what has been requested without having to glance at a phone.
You can also display your QR Code on the same screen adding another convenient way for people to scan and make a request from their phone.
Simply open a link we provide your on a Smart TV or in a web browser set to full-screen mode and follow the instructions.

Accolades - November 2022

Who doesn’t love receiving an accolade?!
If you run karaoke events you can now create downloadable accolades for your best performers.
Simply click on ‘Accolades’ in the show menu then select an accolade, enter the name and email address of the recipient and snap their photo. They will be sent an email with a link to download their accolade poster to collect, print or share.

New Themed Flyers - November 2022

We have started adding new themed backgrounds for your QR code flyers.
Check the QR Codes page to see the growing selection including backgrounds for the upcoming festive season.

New Tipping Feature - October 2022

Receive tips via your requests page and have them linked directly to the song requests.
Song requests that have received a tip will automatically go to the top of your song queue and will be ordered by the amount of the tip.
View a summary of all tips received for a show.
View tipping summary for all time on your account, export and download it in a csv file.
We have partnered with Stripe, one of the worlds largest and most trusted, secure payment gateways to bring you this fabulous new feature.
If you don’t already have a Stripe Account you can create a new Stripe Account now in preparation.
We are also looking at providing a way for you to sell merchandise at your gigs via your Lime DJ page, stay tuned…

Export Song Requests - October 2022

Now you can download a csv file containing all the song requests you have ever received.
This is handy to see what is popular and what songs might be missing from your song library.
Simply click the DOWNLOAD SONG REQUESTS button on the ‘Shows’ tab in your dashboard. Import the csv file into MS excel or similar to better view the data.

Capture User Email Addresses - April 2022

Now you can optionally request that your audience enter their email address when requesting a song (they will only have to enter it once).
This is a great way of collecting email addresses for a mailing list to run marketing campaigns.
To enable this feature, go to your Show Settings tab and enable ‘Require Email Address’.
You can view your collected email addresses on the ‘Users’ tab in the main dashboard. You can remove a user/email address by clicking on it and then clicking ‘Confirm’.
On this page you can also export and download your collected email addresses to use in your mailing program.

Save Default Show Settings - April 2022

Now you can save settings on a show as a default. This means that each time you create a new show, your preferred settings will automatically be applied.
To save default settings: Go to an active show and click on the Show Settings tab.
Configure all the settings how you would like them, then click the SAVE AS DEFAULT SETTINGS button.
Next time you create a show, these settings will be applied automatically by default.

Photo Slideshow Options - April 2022

Now you can optionally display your QR Code on your photo slideshows. This can be enabled/disabled on the show settings page or the Photo Slideshow tab for your show.
If enabled, your QR Code will be visible at the bottom right of the screen.
You can also add some static text to overlay the slideshow eg; you might want to congratulate the bride and groom or you might want to thank your audience.
Click the Photo Slideshow tab for your show and you will be taken to a setting page. Here you can enable or disable your QR Code visibility and the overlay text. Any changes you make will automatically appear on your slideshow.
There are few ways you can use our photo slideshows at your gig:
If using a laptop, connect a second screen or projector and run your system in extended viewing mode. Drag a browser such as Google Chrome to the second display and open the slideshow link. Run the browser in full screen mode.
Alternatively, use another internet enabled device to open your photo slideshow link and run the browser in full screen mode.

Multiple Shows - March 2022

You now have the ability to have simultaneous shows and can create shows in advance with unique URL’s to allow pre-event requests.
On the ‘Shows’ page you will see options: ‘Create New Show’, ‘View Active Shows’ and ‘View Previous Shows’.
Create New Show – If you have no current shows running you can choose whether to create a show at your main URL or on a unique URL. If you select ‘Unique URL’, a unique URL and QR Code will be generated for this show. This is useful if you wish to give out a link for people to send in requests before the event. If you select ‘Fixed URL’, your show will be created at your main URL (see ‘QR Codes’ page).
Note: If you have an active show on your main URL, any further shows you create will be on unique URL’s.
View Active Shows – Click this button to list your current active shows. Click on a show to view its details then click on ‘Go to Show’ to access the requests page for that show.
View Previous Shows – Click this button to view your previous shows. Click on a show to view the songs that were requested during the show. You will be able to see what songs you marked as ‘Not Available’ incase you wish to add these to your library.

Profile Slideout - March 2022

Make sure you have your website, social links and bio entered on the Edit Profile page to ensure you make use of the new slideout feature.
Your audience will see all your info on the slideout when they click the bars on the top right of the public song requests page. This is a great way promote your business and generate new leads.

Song Voting - March 2022

You can now enable Song Voting on the show settings page.
When this is enabled, a thumbs up icon appears next to each song on the public song queue.
When someone clicks on the thumbs up icon it will register as a vote, the songs on the public song queue will be arranged in order of votes.
On your requests screen, you will see the number of votes each song has received. The order will still be displayed in the order that the requests came in or by the order you have arranged them.
Note: The person who made the request cannot vote for their own request.

View Previous Shows - March 2022

You can now access your previous shows to see what songs were requested. This is useful if you want to see the songs that you didn’t have so you can add them to your collection.
Click on the View Previous Shows button on the Shows page to access.

Song Manager - March 2022

If we are hosting your song database you can now manage your songs on the Song Manager page.
Edit artist and title, add new songs and delete songs from your database.

Photo Album Slideshows - February 2022

Now you can create a full screen photo slideshow at your event, allowing guests to take photos and have them displayed live on a big screen or projector.
Click the ‘View Slideshow’ button or copy the link and open on a laptop connected to an external display to show all photos uploaded to your album, live as they come in!
You can now also download all the photos from a photo album as a zip file. This is useful if you would like to give them to your client.

Client Portals Update - February 2022

We have added a number of new fields to client portals… Cake Cutting Song, Last Song, Invite guests to join First Dance, Bride #2 and Groom #2 (for same sex marriages), Wedding Party names, Mother & Son Dance.

Multiple Database Support - November 2021

By popular demand, our platform now supports the use of multiple databases by a user.
This is useful if you do themed gigs or have different song catalogues for karaoke etc..
If you have more than one song database hosted with us, you can select which one to use on the SHOW SETTINGS page.
The setup fee for an additional song database is at reduced rate after your initial database setup.

Client Portals - November 2021

Have you been booked for a wedding or other large event where you need more info from the client? Now you can create a personalized portal for your client to help provide the best possible service…
All accounts have been credited with 2 client portals to try out!

Bookings Calendar - October 2021

Now you can save all your upcoming gigs in our bookings calendar. Easily recall details of the venue, contact person, address and notes.
On gig day, click on a button to open up the directions to your gig in google maps. Click on ‘GO LIVE’ to start taking requests.

Hide Song Requests - October 2021

If you do not wish your audience to see what songs have been requested, there is now an option to hide them.
Simply use the ‘Display Requests’ switch on the show settings page to hide or show.

Tip The DJ - September 2021

Now you can request tips from your audience.
To use, you must have an account setup at either Paypal, Cashapp or Venmo.
Go to SETTINGS and paste in the URL’s that link to your PayPal, CashApp or Venmo account page.
You can enable or disable ‘Tip The DJ’ in the show setttings page.
Your audience will see a button on the requests page when enabled and will be able to send you a tip using one of the services you entered.

Google Reviews - September 2021

Now you can request Google reviews from your audience.
To use, simply go to SETTINGS and paste in your Google review page URL and then click SAVE.
In an active show go to the SHOW SETTINGS page and switch on Google Review Link.
Your audience will then see an invitation at the bottom of the song queue page to leave a Google review for your business.

Time Zone - August 2021

If you haven’t already, please click on SETTINGS and set the timezone for your location.
This will ensure the correct date and time is displayed for future features.

Photo Albums - August 2021

Allow your guests to take photos and upload to a shareable photoablum. It’s a great way of capturing the vibe of your event through the eyes of the people who were there.
To enable photo albums; in an active show go to the SHOW SETTINGS page and switch on Photo Albums.
Your audience will see a button on the sonq queue page allowing them to view and add to the photo album.
As the owner of the album YOU can delete any photos in the album by visiting the album and clicking on the photo. A delete button will appear beneath the photo.