Our photobooth app is available to all Lime DJ users. Simply supply an iPad and light… our platform will allow your guests to take photos and upload directly to your live slideshow and photo album.

*minimum device resolution of 768 pixels wide is required to run Photbooth

Themed Frames

Your audience can select from a variety of themed frames to create fun pictures. 

All pictures end up in the photo album for your event which can later be downloaded and shared.

So easy to use with just 3 buttons; Take Photo, Upload and Start Over.


Open up your slideshow on a Smart TV or laptop connected to a projector and display all the pictures from Photobooth and the event photo album. Slideshow automatically updates and shows new pictures as they come in. 

Get Started...

  1. create a show in the dashboard and enable the ‘Photo Album’ option on the settings page.
  2. Open the Photobooth URL on your iPad or tablet, sign in and select your show. Your device is now ready to start taking photos (we recommend using guided access mode).
  3. Optionally open the Slideshow URL on a Smart TV to display a live slideshow of all the pictures.

TIP: Add Photobooth URL to Home Screen on your device to create an icon and open like a native app.

Note: minimum pixel width of device must be at least 768 pixels to run Photobooth.

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