How to take song requests

Welcome to the seamless world of music engagement with Lime DJ! It has never been easier to take song requests. With Lime DJ, you can effortlessly connect with your audience and invite them to be an integral part of your musical journey. Whether you’re a DJ, a live performer, or running a dynamic venue, this platform offers a streamlined way to accept, manage, and play song requests, ensuring an interactive and tailored experience for every listener.

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how to take song requests

Lime DJ is ideal for all kinds of live performers, bands, venues and DJ's who want to engage with their audience

How to take song requests using QR codes

Lime DJ presents an innovative approach to take song requests, employing QR codes seamlessly integrated into the venue experience. This cutting-edge platform simplifies audience engagement, allowing patrons to effortlessly connect with performers and submit song requests using their smartphones. With the convenience of QR codes, the process of taking song requests becomes intuitive and straightforward. Audiences simply scan the QR code, instantly engaging with the performer and sending in their song preferences hassle-free. Lime DJ optimizes the entire experience, ensuring that requesting songs becomes an effortless and enjoyable part of the audience’s interaction, all through the ease of QR code technology.

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As a performer using Lime DJ, you wield complete control over managing song requests with unparalleled ease. The platform empowers you to seamlessly accept or reject song requests, ensuring a curated experience that aligns perfectly with your performance vibe. Additionally, Lime DJ allows you to effortlessly shuffle and rearrange the order of requests, enabling you to craft a seamless musical journey for your audience. Notably, the platform’s innovative feature lets you prioritize song requests associated with tips, acknowledging and appreciating the support of those who contribute while enhancing their experience by ensuring their requested tunes take center stage. With Lime DJ, managing song requests becomes a breeze, granting performers the flexibility to curate an unforgettable musical experience tailored to both their artistic vision and audience preferences.