Manage Song Requests

You can manage your song requests from any internet enabled device, no special app is required.

Simply sign in to the app at from any web browser.

To see your song requests, once you have created a show click on ‘View Show’.

When someone requests a song it will show up on this screen. You will see the name of the person requesting the song above their request. If you have ‘Accept Messages’ enabled you will also see any additional message they sent.

PLAYING – Tap the ‘Playing’ button to change the status of the request to playing now. This request will now turn green on both your dashboard and the guests screen.

N/A – Tap ‘N/A’ if the requested song is not available. This will be moved to a separate ‘Songs Not Available’ list at the bottoms of the screen on both your dashboard and the guests screen.

DELETE – Tap ‘Delete’ to instantly delete the request for whatever reason you have. It will be removed from both your dashboard and the guests screen.

TIP: When a song has a ‘Playing’ status this can be cleared by tapping ‘Clear’ or it will automatically clear when you assign another song to ‘Playing’ status.