Frequently Asked Questions

Creating a photoalbum for your event is a great way to allow your audience to capture and share memories in real time…

  1. Click on the Show Name you wish to add a photoalbum to within your Active Shows list
  2. Click the menu bars at the top right of the screen and select Show Settings
  3. Ensure that Photo Album is enabled

Once enabled, an ‘Upload Photo’ button will appear on your public requests page for this event.

You can view the photos that have been uploaded for your events by clicking on Photos in the main dashboard. To delete a photo, click on the photo you wish to delete and a ‘Delete’ button will appear beneath it, click this to remove the photo.

Once your event is over you can download all the photos as a zip file for easy distribution eg; to give to your client.


Yes, you can use your own song database on a casual account if you are not ready to commit to a full year subscription. Simply purchase the Database Addon option on the Account page and you will then be able to upload your own song database.

Simply follow the instructions on the Account Settings page to create a Stripe account and connect your Lime DJ account. 

When you create a show, ensure you have ‘Stripe Tips’ enabled on the Show Settings page.

When someone requests a song they will also be invited to leave you a tip. Their tip will be attached to their song request and visible to you in the song queue, the request will also automatically be bumped to the top of the queue.

All tips received via our payment gateway Stripe will be deposited straight into your bank account the next day. 

Absolutely you can!

A significant portion of our userbase is made up of cover bands and solo performers. We also have a large number of piano players and piano bars using our platform for its convenience and ease of use. Lime DJ allows your audience to request from your actual repertoire and even send you a tip attached to their request… this has been very lucrative for some!

Yes there is. 

Open the following URL on an internet enabled device or Smart TV, enter your username and select the show you want to display:

Many of our users open this up on Smart TV’s around their venue so that everyone can see what songs have been requested. You can also display your QR code on this screen making it easy for people to scan it and make a request.

Unfortunately we cannot provide an interface to the Spotify search features as it violates their terms and conditions of service.

Spotify stipulate that their service must only be used for private and non-commercial use and that their content must not be broadcast in a public space.

Song requests are limited to 12 on the Free Trial accounts.

Consider upgrading to a Casual month to month account/subscription or go PRO to use your own song database. 

All paid accounts have unlimited song requests and shows!

Our new payment integration with Stripe allows your audience to easily send you tips using a variety of payment methods including Apple Pay, Google Pay, CashApp and more in supporting countries.

We have a variety of pricing plans available whether you want a month to month, pay as you go casual account or a discounted annual subscription.

Please refer to our pricing page for current prices.

2024 – we will soon have a free option available supported by Ads.