How do solo performers take song requests?

how do solo performer take song requests

As a solo performer, connecting with your audience through their song requests can amplify the experience and create an interactive atmosphere. Leveraging platforms like Lime DJ, combined with QR codes, provides an efficient and modern way to manage and fulfill song requests seamlessly. Here’s a guide on how to navigate this process effectively.

Understanding Lime DJ and QR Code Integration

  1. Introduction to Lime DJ: Lime DJ is a versatile platform that enables performers to manage song requests digitally. It allows audience members to browse and request songs from your playlist on their smartphone.
  2. QR Code Integration: Generating a QR code linked to your Lime DJ profile simplifies the request process for the audience. Display this code visibly during your performance for easy access. You can download ready made QR code flyer from the Lime DJ platform or create your own after downloading the raw QR code image.

Steps to Effectively Manage Song Requests

    1. Preparation Is Key:
      • Create Your Playlist: Prepare a diverse playlist covering various genres and moods to cater to audience preferences.
      • Upload to Lime DJ: Upload your playlist to Lime DJ, ensuring it’s accessible for requests.
      • Enable tipping: Extra revenue can be generated at your gigs by enabling the tipping feature. The audience will be able to attach a tip to their song request which will bump it up the request queue. 
    1. Displaying the QR Code:
      • Visible Placement: Place the QR code prominently in your performance area, such as on a screen, a poster, or even your merchandise.
      • Clear Instructions: Accompany the QR code with clear instructions on how to scan it and request songs.
    1. Educate Your Audience:
      • Announce the Request Process: Inform your audience at the beginning of your performance about the availability of song requests through Lime DJ.
      • Engage and Encourage: Encourage attendees to scan the QR code, emphasizing that their song choices will be considered during the performance. Also mention that any requests that are accompanied by a tip will have a greater or guaranteed chance of being played.
    1. Managing Requests in Real-Time:
      • Stay Updated: Keep an eye on the Lime DJ platform or app to monitor incoming song requests in real-time.
      • Evaluate and Integrate: Review requests and incorporate them into your setlist where appropriate, maintaining the flow of your performance.
    1. Communication and Transparency:
      • Acknowledgment: Acknowledge the audience’s requests, whether verbally or through visual cues, to create a sense of engagement.
      • Explain Constraints: If a request can’t be accommodated due to various reasons, politely explain the constraints without discouraging future requests.
  1. Balance and Flexibility:
    • Maintain Balance: Balance requested songs with your planned setlist to ensure a seamless performance that aligns with your style.
    • Adaptability: Be open to adjusting your set based on the requests, maintaining a flexible approach to cater to the audience’s preferences.


Utilizing Lime DJ in tandem with QR codes revolutionizes the song request process for solo performers. It not only streamlines the request mechanism but also fosters a more engaging and interactive experience between the performer and the audience.

By efficiently managing requests, staying adaptable, and integrating audience preferences into your performance, you elevate the overall experience, creating a memorable and inclusive atmosphere. Embrace this modern approach to song requests and witness how it enhances the connection between you and your audience, making your solo performances truly unforgettable.

Posted by James @ Lime DJ