Create New Event

To create an event page, complete the form for ‘Event Details’. 

Your event name will form part of the URL of your page so try not to make it too long.

Enter a good description about your event and what your prospective attendees can expect.

If you have a dress code you can enter it here or leave blank.

Select whether you want a dark or light color scheme for your public event page.

Upload an image for your event, use landscape orientated images only.

Enter the name of the venue and the address.

Enter your contact details so that your ticket purchasers can contact you in regards to their ticket or the event. 

NOTE: If a customer requests a refund or you cancel your event after sales have been made, it is your responsibility to process refunds from your Stripe account.

Click on ‘Save Changes’ and then click on ‘Tickets’ to create tickets for your event.

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