Do DJ's take song requests?

Absolutely, many DJs do take song requests! However, the practice can vary significantly based on the event, venue, and individual DJ preferences. Some DJs actively encourage song requests as a way to engage the audience and cater to their musical tastes, creating a more interactive experience. They might have various methods for accepting requests, such as through a dedicated platform, direct interaction with the audience, or utilizing technology like apps or request lists.

On the other hand, some DJs might have predefined playlists or specific themes for their sets, making it less likely for them to accept spontaneous song requests. This approach could be due to the DJ’s artistic vision, maintaining a particular vibe or flow throughout their performance, or simply not having the flexibility to accommodate every request.

Ultimately, whether DJs take song requests often boils down to their style, the nature of the event, and the expectations set by the venue or organizer. While some embrace requests to enhance the audience experience, others may have limitations or preferences that guide their approach to handling song requests during their sets.

Posted by James @ Lime DJ