Validating Tickets

Sign in to the ticket validation portal with the credentials you created on the ‘Event Settings’ page. 

If ‘Auto-Admit’ is ON, you will be asked to allow permissions for our scanner to access your device’s camera. Select the back camera for ease of use and the scanner should start up, showing your camera output in the window.

When you scan a QR code ticket with our scanner you will receive a response. 

If the ticket is valid it will be automatically validated and the customer deemed as ‘admitted’ to the event.  If  ‘Group-Admit’ is ON then any other tickets purchased in the same transaction will also be validated. The app will tell you how many others in the group have been admitted.

If the ticket is not valid or it has already been validated then an error message will be displayed.

It is up to individual Lime DJ account holders/businesses to have their own procedures in place to deal with ticket validations.

If  ‘Group-Admit’ is OFF or you press the search icon on the bottom of the screen, you will be taken to the ‘Search Tickets’ page.

Here you can search for tickets to check their status by searching for either the 5 digit ticket code, email address or surname of the purchaser.

Click on a ticket in the search results and a screen will appear asking if you wish to validate the ticket. Click ‘Validate Now’ to validate the ticket and others in that group if that option is enabled.

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